Step 1: Loan Application

Step One Determines:

  • What price range of homes you can afford
  • What your monthly payment would be
  • How much a lender will give you based on:
    • Income
    • Debt 
    • Credit Score
    • Employment History
  • Which loan program is best for you

The following documents may be necessary in completing your loan approval process.

  • Federal tax returns from the previous two years.
  • W-2 forms from the previous two years.
  • A paycheck stub for the past 30 days that shows your name and Social Security number, the name and address of your employer and your year-to-date earnings.
  • List of your current debts including student loans, car payment, credit cards, along with the minimum monthly payment and the balances. 
    • Also, you can get a free credit report at 
    • If you have sub-par credit you may contact Shannon Hart at (817) 832 - 9140 for inexpensive credit repair from someone I've worked closely with for over 13 years. His email is
  • Investment records including
    •  Mutual fund statements or stock certificates. 
    • We do not need all your asset statements, just enough to source the down payment and liquid assets (usually 2 months of payments) after closing.
  • Canceled checks indicating rent or current mortgage payments (statements will suffice on the mortgage).
  • Documents to show any other sources of income, which could include: 
    • Military pay 
    • A second job 
    • Overtime 
    • Commissions and bonuses
    • Interest and dividend income 
    • Social Security payments
    • VA and retirement benefits 
    • Alimony or child support.

This is the first step in the mortgage loan process.  Using one of our calculators, we'll get you a good idea of what kind of terms and loan programs you can expect to benefit most from. 

If you have any questions. feel free to email us with the form below.

Step One Questions:

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