Arts & Entertainment

North Hills Shopping Complex

From fine dining to casual eateries, local boutiques to department stores, there is something for everyone in North Hills. Visit their website for more information.

Crabtree Valley Mall

Crabtree Valley Mall offers hundred of stores and caters to all demographics. It's hours are from 10AM - 9PM. Visit their website for more information.

Triangle Town Center

The second of the two major malls located in the Raleigh Area is Triangle Town Center. This mall contains similar stores to Crabtree, but is not as large.

Pullen Park

Pottery classes, Merry-Go-Round rides, and a theater. Pullen Park, located just outside NC State, offers a wide range of activities for all age ranges.

Downtown Raleigh

The capital city's center has a wide array of shops, restaurants, museums and more. Visit their website for upcoming events and a comprehensive list of amenities.

North Carolina Museum of Art

The NCMA offers more than simple canvas and sculptural exhibitions, the  grounds and ever-changing specialty galleried make this museum a treasure

Marble Musem

The Marble Kids Museum focuses on interactive, hands-on learning that engages children and adults alike. The crowds can often be cumbersome here so plan accordingly

Red Hat Amphitheater

Located in the thick of it all, Red Hat Amphitheater is a mere blocks from Raleigh's center. The amphitheater is mainly operational during the late spring, summer, and early fall times.

Raleigh Little Theatre

The Raleigh Little Theatre offers an indoor stage, a scenic rose garden, and a quaint outdoor amphitheater. Check out their website for upcoming performances.

Durham Performing Arts Center

Stand-up acts, concerts, plays and everything in-between characterizes the entertainment on display at DPAC. This facility is located 30+ minutes from Downtown Raleigh